Tuesday, January 6, 2015

knitting and reading: 01/06/15

only a few more inches to go
and the charcoal scarf is almost done
i took this project with me over the holidays
but didn't get quite as far as i wanted.

it's funny how the process of surveying a huge selection of 
chocolate bon bons on my sister's coffee table, 
selecting my favourites and eating them 
can distract one from working those needles !!!

also...this week,
i am rereading salinger's the catcher in the rye.
my son is reading it for his high school english course 
and i'm aching to discuss this classic with him.

i got so much from this book when i read it the first time,
it will be interesting to hear what a teenage boy has to say.

gosh... sometimes highschool seems just like yesterday !

back to knitting projects
check out what my sister knitted...

they were so colourful and cheerful on her mantel
that i knew instantly how i was going to learn the art of knitting socks.



  1. Oh. My. Word! Those stockings are fantastic! I had already decided to knit us some stockings for next year (we have small ones now, made from a patched up quilt pieces) but I wasn't sure what kind of pattern I wanted on them. I'm pretty sure it's going to be something very similar to this now. Thank you so much for sharing (hopping over from KCCO).

  2. Those stockings are beautiful! I love your scarf as well. :)

  3. Love the stockings! And I can definitely see how chocolate could be distracting...it would distract me as well :-)

  4. I need to add that book to my list. Lovely knit and the blue highlights are lovely :)

  5. Love the colors in scarf- so pretty. Catcher in the Rye...yes, a favorite!
    Happy Knitting Erica.

  6. Christmas stocking pattern is free from Ravelry. Quick & Easy Christmas Stocking by Haley Waxberg. It WAS a quick and easy pattern-less than a day to complete a stocking. I have done 3 so far. Happy Knitting.

    from Erica`s sista


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!