Tuesday, January 27, 2015

knitting and reading: 01/27/15

it only took a little over a year, 
but my blue blanket is finished.
it is currently covering 
my favourite spot on the couch
in my favourite corner of the living room..
talk about marking your territory !!!
the blanket was made from odds and ends of yarn i picked up from thrift shop bins
 and thrifted old scarves that i unravelled in order to repurpose their yarn.

it was such a fun project to do because i wanted to experiment 
with as many variations of yarn (in colour and weight) to see what i would end up.

this is the 5th or 6th blanket that i've knitted...
and each time i casted on more, to see how much larger i could make the end product.

it is amazing how large a blanket one can knit on two straight needles.

i'm still reading miller's
the drama of the gifted child
due to the subject matter, it is a very difficult read.
miller deals with abuse and the importance of finding authenticity 
in order to break the cycle of abuse.
the 'gifted child' that she refers to are those children that were strong enough 
to withstand abuse and live through it.

in between chapters of alice miller's book, 
i'm rereading on of my favourites,  cutting for stone by abraham verghese
lucky me, i found a used copy in a neighbourhood free library.

if you haven't read this one- it is a must !!
a beautiful story about two brothers set in ethiopia and then new york.
verghese does a wonderful job building up all the characters in the story.

what are you knitting and reading lately?



  1. Love your blanket! It looks perfect on the couch there.

    1. thanks Jayne... I keep trying to get on to your site but haven't had any luck.

  2. I have yet to tackle a blanket. Yours looks really lovely. I wonder if it is as squishy as it looks.

    1. thanks Natalie...it is pretty squishy !!!

  3. Wow, a blanket. Yes, I can understand how it would have taken all that time to finish...but the end result is worth it! mari :0)

    1. thanks Mari... i'm very happy with the result.

  4. I can't imagine knitting a blanket on straight needles. I also don't think I have the patience for a blanket as large as yours, which is a shame because it looks super cozy.

    1. the reason i started knitting blankets was because i specifically wanted a long term project. It was a lot of fun collecting bits and pieces of yarn (over that same time period) that i thought would work.

  5. Blankets are so nice once you are finished. Yours has very soothing colors. Very nice!

  6. Yay! A finished blanket is such a massive (literally) achievement! It looks great :)

  7. What a lovely blanket. I love that it was made from some re-purposed yarn as well. Such a great idea. And I'm sure it's nice and warm too!

  8. What a fantastic blanket - it looks lovely and cosy!


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!