Thursday, June 18, 2015

walking the dog

harlow is one of those dogs
that requires a walk-about-town in order to do his business.
it's a blessing in many ways:
our yard is pristine (though our pockets are filled with doggy bags),
and everyone (mostly me) gets lots of fresh air and exercise.
harlow's need forces me out of my self-centeredness 
and i discover that even when the weather does not look so beautiful outside, 
it actually is quite pleasant...once you are in it.
with the sunny days stretching well past nine p.m.
our evening walks have become more adventuresome 
and something i really look forward to.
we've been visiting many of the beautiful walking destinations of victoria.
a couple of evenings ago...we reached ogden point breakwater

the inside of the breakwater showcases the unity wall
an artistic interpretation of the history of the esquimalt and songhees nations.
the evening was perfect...
warm breeze,
beautiful scenery,
friendly people,
and a happy dog with his waggly tail!!!

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  1. Harlow is a pretty lucky dog :) Looks like a beautiful night for a walk.


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!