Thursday, June 25, 2015

summer mode

hair gets lighter
skin gets darker
water gets warmer
drinks get colder
music gets louder
nights get longer
life gets better
                        - anonymous (pinterest)
yup... we are finally in summer mode around here.
exams are my kids and i went for some celebratory ice cream cones.
as they licked their gelato treats, i could see all the stress and tension lift from their bodies (they both have worked so hard all year...)

we leave for holidays (i'll keep our destination a surprise for now) in a few days...
though i'm not too sure about my travel blogging capabilities at this point, 
there will be postcards for sure, 

i am still not finished packing (actually, i'm just starting...UGH!!!)
so i've decided to put all my powers of concentration to this dreaded task.

so come by later next week...
i'm sure by then we'll have lots to catch up on!!!



  1. Can't wait to see where you are headed :) Safe travels, and have the most wonderful time. xo

  2. Good luck with your packing! It is such a tedious job, but it really does affect the quality of a vacation!

  3. I can't wait to see where your vacation takes you. .Have fun packing and dreaming!
    Happy weekend.

  4. That sounds exciting! Packing can be hard work - all those decisions to make - I usually spread everything I think I'll need out over the floor and then cull until it fits in the case!


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!