Thursday, June 4, 2015

coffee's brewing...

                                                       an open hand

                       the mind is not a storeroom
                       with mirrors where we retreat
                       to convince ourselves
                       that we exist.

                       the mind is a livingroom with
                       windows and more than one chair,
                       so friends can come and look out
                       and discuss what they see.

                       not a fortress where we frisk and
                       strip others of what they believe
                       in order to share our secrets.

                       more a porch with birdfeeders
                       and coffee or tea where before
                       hello, you have to share a story.

                       pull the curtains!
                       open the windows!
                       brew the coffee!
                       put out a sign: other views wanted!
                                     - mark nepo
i came upon nepo's beautiful words a couple of weeks ago...
don't you just love his imageries of an open mind???

i'm so grateful for all the wonderful blogs i get to visit, 
for those i've yet to discover, 
and for all the creative spirits fueling them.
this blogging business  sure has been one mind opening experience for me!
we are all on this journey called life...and i think blogging is such a wonderful way to share our individual experiences.

i've read nepo's poem over a dozen times already,
and each time, by the end, i can't help but think...
wouldn't it be wonderful, when after the kettle has boiled, 
the coffee has brewed and the tea has steeped 
that you would come and sit a while with me ?



  1. I would be there in a heartbeat :) Loved the poem and read it twice through! This blogging community is special and I've made some great friends along the way :)

    1. Mark Nepo is one of my favourite writers...his style is so beautiful it's dizzying.

  2. Yes, I will be right over :) I agree this community of bloggers is something pretty special. Love the poem, adding it to my journal this evening. Thanks for sharing. xo

  3. Yes, I agree totally Erica. I have made such wonderful friends all because of a blog, like you ;)
    Love the poem, it's beautiful!

    1. thanks Tracey for being one of my friends forever!!!

  4. I'm right there! I've never read that poem before, thanks for sharing it. Have a lovely weekend.

    1. I'm so happy to share Nepo with you Lotta... he has such a beautiful way of putting his perspective into poems. Have a great weekend


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!