Monday, June 15, 2015


in between studying for exams,
it was another weekend by the ocean for us
breathing in the ocean air,
checking out the tidal pools,
writing messages in the sand,
watching tourists disembark their cruise ships.'s monday,
with renewed energy and a fresh outlook 
i welcome this brand new week and all the gifts it brings.
hello monday !!!
hello barnacles...don't you just love their textured existence?  i could stare and study them forever

hello exams...i definitely have an artist and a dancer in my house.   while studying for their exams, my teens reverted to their favourite pastime not only to release some stress but also to help process all the information they were cramming into their heads.  while one danced away her anxieties, the other doodled and sketched till his pencils were nubs.

hello sugar detox...i'm still at it and feeling great (but i did consume a lot of watermelon this weekend)
hello parenthood...thanks to tracey, i'm hooked...i've started season one and so far, i am impressed at how they are handling and writing the whole autism spectrum into the tv series.  

hello watering can...there is no need to lift weights at the gym,  i've been hauling water to keep my plants alive during this unending drought.  i just checked the weather forecast and there is still no rain in sight
bonjour, parlez vous francais?  i've been working on improving my conversational french...the resources available at the library are extensive - after much browsing, i found one called french in 10 minutes a day.  however, experts still insist that immersion is the best way to learn.

hello friends.... have you finished that cup of coffee/ tea yet?  are you ready to welcome this brand new beautiful week?  i hope you all have a wonderful start !!!


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  1. Hello Erica, hope you are having a wonderful Monday! Wishing you a great week ahead.


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!