Tuesday, June 2, 2015

fun stuff 06/02/15

here is my teal scrap blanket on our porch...
it has grown quite a bit since last week, mainly because i've been madly knitting while listening to the audio version of my favourite book cutting for stone by abraham verghese.  
i really loved reading verghese (i read it a couple of years ago)...but this listening version is fantastic.  the reader, sunil malhotra, delivers with such varied and beautiful accents that really brings the characters to life.
i was snapping the photo when i noticed the weed growing in the pot behind.
some weeds are so beautiful - aren't they???
maybe, i'm mistaken, and it is not a weed at all.
my read this week is chritisane northrup's goddesses never age.
she says "that getting older is inevitable, but aging (the deterioration and decline of the body) is optional !"  i really like that!
i found the book in the fast read shelf but will immediately get in line for the slow read queue once i return it. 
this book has lots of great healthy living advice for all you goddesses out there !!!
what are you knitting?reading?listening?
care to share?


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  1. I admire you for knitting a blanket in the summer heat, mine is packed away until fall.
    "a weed is only a weed until you know it's name" :)

  2. Look at that blanket...gorgeous! I just finished reading Night Road by Kristin Hannah, so good. On the needles is a hat, and I will be casting on a milo later this evening :)

    Happy knitting and reading Erica.

  3. Your teal blanket looks like it's coming on beautifully! I'm on my last row of edging for my crochet blanket, am in between books and enjoying listening to Mozart at the moment.

  4. Your blanket is looking wonderful. There are some books that just seem meant to be audio books - it really brings them to life!

  5. Beautiful blanket, the yarns you are using are a real delight.

  6. Love your blanket! I can't believe in that plant as a weed, it is really beautiful. I wonder what it could be?

  7. Your blanket is coming on a treat - gorgeous.


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!