Monday, June 8, 2015

finding shade under the roses

the temperature over the weekend
went from warmest
and everyone was looking for shade.

there is this beautiful spot under
a canopy of roses (in the gardens of government house)  that we simply love
and lucky one was there when we got there.
that was yesterday...and now, feeling refreshed and rested...
i'm ready to greet the brand new week and all it has to bring.

hello monday !!!
hello fame...the highschool's production of fame is playing this wednesday and thursday evening...the kids have worked so hard and rehearsed so often...i know both shows are going to be great....i have two extra tickets if anyone is interested??

hello wide open windows at night that has to be shut mid day...isn't it wonderful to sleep with all the fresh air circulating in?  unfortunately,because of the heat, i have to remember to shut them all so the house doesn't absorb all the midday heat.
hello car of our neighbours, a professional house painter, informed ian that bird poop eats right through the car's enamel and causes rust....bucket of water and soap to the rescue!!!

hello mountains of laundry to climb...sometimes it feels like i have five kids instead of two when i look at all the laundry they produce.  thank goodness for the warmer more layering for at least a couple of months
hello harbour air...ian is off to the mainland...and needs a lift to catch his plane from victoria's inner harbour (just a minute...let me find my chauffeur's cap)

hello friends...wishing you all a wonderful start to your week!!


joining lisa


  1. That looks such a beautiful place to sit - I can almost smell the roses! I really like the term 'multislacking' from your previous post, I haven't heard that before, but I think it will be a useful one!

  2. Wow, those roses are amazing! Fame, how exciting! I wish I could take one of those extra tickets :) Enjoy your week Erica, and tell those kids of yours to break a leg.

  3. Oh what beautiful pictures with which to start the day! Those roses are absolutely amazing! And what a wonderful week you have ahead of you - long may it continue to be warm and sunny!

  4. hello Erica! those photos are gorgeous! Lovely series and paired with a fun post.


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!