Sunday, June 7, 2015


you're my nemo.
if you get lost 
in the great, big ocean,
i'll find you.
                  - unknown
it was a spectacular kind of day
the weather was beautiful and perfect for multislacking!!!

with the school year coming to an end, and exams just around the corner...
my two teens have been busy tying up loose ends, finishing projects, 
and handing in assignments.
they are tired (and stressed?!?!?)...and both just want to stay in pajamas all day.

but this momma has got her methods... and it actually doesn't take much 
to entice them to come along for a walk by the ocean

sunshine, fresh air, and a little booster juice treat to sip on a hot day...
so conducive to good conversation.
once you get them started,
it's amazing how much they have to tell us!!!



  1. Love this Erica, you are one amazing mama, and I hope your kiddos know how lucky they are. xo

  2. What a sweet quote at the beginning! I do envy those of you who live by the ocean. If that can't get a couple teens out of bed, I don't know what can!

  3. Walking by the ocean is such a great stress reliever and having the time to talk and just listen to our teens makes for a good day.
    Wishing your babe's good luck on their exams and a wonderful week to you my friend.


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!