Monday, June 1, 2015

hello monday 06/01/15

the weekend always seems to fly by 
no matter how mindfully i try and slow things down.
all i can say is... thank goodness summer holidays are just around the corner !!!
in between puttering around the yard and long walks on the beach
i spent most of the weekend outside.

hello monday!!!
with renewed energy and a fresh outlook 
i welcome this new week and all the gifts it brings.
hello june...thank you for bringing the beautiful sunshine, warm breezes and extra long days with you

hello world oceans day - celebrations and festivities to protect our oceans are happening all through the week

hello costume design... the school musical production of fame is coming up and we are still putting finishing touches to my daughter's costume...she is playing the role of 'iris', (p.s. we have lots of tickets if you want to come?)

hello camrose park - my friend told me about a new-to-me park in the neighbourhood and harlow and i are eager to explore it (harlow can't wait!!! wag wag wag)
hello bookclub and potluck nights...although they only happen once a month, they are both scheduled for this week. my lady friends and i are discussing moye's me before you.
while the husbands get to join us for the food get-together.

hello 11th day of sugar detox -  the first few days of passing off those chocolate almonds were tough but now they don't even tempt me.  my hand hasn't dipped into the jar once since i've started.  today, i need to refill the crisper with more fruits and berries

 hello vanilla rooibos iced tea...i've been keeping a flask of it in the fridge and adding extra ice cubes when gulping it's so yummy and refreshing.

hello friends... wishing you all a wonderful start to your week!!!


joining lisa


  1. Happy Monday Erica! Enjoy your week.

  2. Hello Erica! I admire your sugar detox success :) Lovely photos especially the last one!

    1. thanks Karen...i had to do buddha belly was getting too buddha-ish!!! :LOL

  3. Your weekend sounds amazing and I'm so happy you had some beach favorite place!
    Isn't it funny that when we cut out sugar we don't crave it any longer? I took a swipe at the frosting I made
    for cupcakes and thought I was going to gag it was so sweet.
    Vanilla rooibos is a hit here too, but I like it hot;
    Hope your Monday was a great one!

    1. Thanks's the best time to go on a sugar detox because there are so many low glycemic fruits available this season. I haven't quite reached the gagging level of aversion - but am getting there !!!


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!