Monday, April 20, 2015


it was a beautiful weekend here in victoria, bc
the sun came out and warmed everyone up
and the beaches called us down to explore.

ian's mom is still in town,
so we let her lead the way.
this is a stretch of beach off of dallas road, 
facing washington's  olympic mountains.
it is wonderful having visitors from out of town
because with them, we get to see our little corner of the world with fresh eyes.
there is so much natural beauty here...(and admission is free)
so we don't mind playing tour guides over and over again.

since our guest likes to sleep in,
i was able to attend my early step aerobic classes
while ian went running with his buddies.
after a good morning cardio workout - we can meander as slow as we like 
to take in the beach, the ocean and the views.
it is so lovely to get to the beach...
the blues, the grays, the muted colours of the rocks and the ocean 
are so soothing and such a contrast from all the spring colours of the garden.

with the fine weather, 
we have been working hard in our backyard.
 it is delightful to get a break from all the pruning and mowing and weeding...
but all the work was worth it because we returned there to bbq our evenings away.
the victoria school board has a professional development day today,
our kiddies are home and
so our weekend continues...
for one more day !!!


joining karen


  1. Gorgeous Erica! What a beautiful spot you live in.
    Chef and I have had thoughts about Victoria...maybe one day we will visit :)

    1. I'm sure you and Chef will be skiing Whistler some day (again??)... we are just hop, skip and a jump away from the big mountain. You will love our little island!!!.

  2. Just beautiful, one day I really do need to visit the west coast. Love the pics of your and Ian :)

    1. yes... start mapping out your route!!! I'm still so impressed how far you drive on your own.

  3. Erica, I have never been that far north, but I can see that I need to, the place you call home is just stunningly beautiful! Thank you for sharing such gorgeous photos, I love them all, especially the last three!

    1. thanks Tracey... you will have to come north when you and your son make it back to California. I'll be here to welcome you!!!


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!