Tuesday, April 7, 2015

fun stuff: 04/07/15

yes yes...my fuchsia scrap blanket is still on the needles.
i was running low on fuchsia so i unravelled this scarf (do you remember it???)
i'm not a multi-project knitter... 
so i'm afraid you will have to watch this one grow for a bit longer.
to change things up a bit, i thought i would photograph it out on the deck, under bright sunshine.
to my surprise... the true hues of the colours i am using actually came out.

i finished semple's where'd you go bernadette and nicholls' us !!!
both books were easy reads and so enjoyable,  
i was impressed by how semple delved into the subject of environmental architecture
and how nicholls handled the complications of the father/son relationship.
i would highly recommend both, 
but be forewarned...though both started off in comedic tones, they hit very tragic lows!!

now, i've started california by edan lepucki
i discovered the title while in powells bookstore in portland, oregon.
i'll tell you more about it next week.
what are you knitting and/or reading?
care to share?



  1. I can't wait see your blanket- you have the patience of a knitting angel, I know it will be SO worth it.

  2. beautiful blanket and the colors are so vibrant! It will be done one day, promise.

  3. Wow that is one amazing blanket! I love the colours.

  4. Nice blanket :) the colors are luscious :)

  5. I'm knitting in pink, too. Love the colors of your blanket.

  6. Your blanket is really growing. I love that you are a monogamous knitter, I was when I first started out, but it didn't last long.
    I haven't read Us so will be adding that to my list.

  7. What a gorgeous blanket. I love fuschia anyway but the combination of textures and the other colours you've used is just beautiful

  8. That is splendid, you must be nearly there, it looks right at home on the deck!

  9. I just love how the blanket is coming along. Don't worry, I for one, love looking at it every week!


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!