Tuesday, April 28, 2015

fun stuff 04/28/15

if you had read my previous post... 
you would know that i am up to my ears with elephant's ears !!!
the last few days have been spent transferring bergenias (also known as elephant's ears) from my friend's garden to mine.
i'm afraid that my fuchsia blanket project did not get much action and is still on the needles.
but look... doesn't it photograph well with the fuchsias of the bergenias???

i finished celeste ng's everything i never told you .
it is a beautiful story - delving into numerous issues among family members.
i was really impressed at how ng dealt with breakdowns in communicaton within a family and the difficulties that rise when parents project their own issues of lost potential upon their children.
it is definitely worth picking up!!!

now, i'm reading gillian flynn's gone girl
after mentioning that i enjoyed paula hawkin's the girl on the train so much, the librarian said that i might enjoy this too.  
i'm not that far into it yet...but so far, so good.
i'm also reading martin pistrorius' ghost boy.
i was returning books to the library and couldn't resist picking it up when i passed the fast read display
so far, it's turning out to be a really interesting autobiography so.... it will be my stationary bike book for the week.
what are you knitting? reading?
care to share?


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  1. i just love that blanket. and flowers!!!

  2. gorgeous blanket!!! I can't wait to hear what you think of gone girl. I haven't read it yet, kind of scared!!

    1. thanks Karen....I'm a third into Gone Girl and am getting very annoyed...i don't think I can recommend it

  3. Gone Girl, looking forward to hearing what you think. And since you like Girl on the Train I just might have to see if I can get my hands on it.

    1. after another day of reading Gone Girl... I am getting really irritated with the main characters...I don't know if i'm going to continue reading it.

  4. I liked Girl on the Train, Too. I have heard mixed things about Gone Girl, but I want to read it one of these days!

    1. I think Gone Girl is soon to be gone from night stand...

  5. I can't wait to hear you opinion on Gone Girl, we must talk when you're done.

  6. Your blanket looks so pretty with the flowers. I love the pink shades in the yarn.

  7. Beautiful and lovely fuchsia matching. :3 Enjoy Gone Girl!

  8. I really disliked Girl on the Train - I didn't want to spend another page with stupid Rachel. I loved Gone Girl! Hope you enjoy it!

  9. The flowers and blanket look so pretty. I decided to read girl on the train next!! :) I hope its good!

  10. I love bergenias, we've got one in our garden and I'm hoping I can spread it around as it gets bigger. Your blanket is gorgeous, some lovely colours and textures


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!