Tuesday, April 14, 2015

fun stuff: 04/14/15

here is the fuchsia scrap blanket again... this time, showcasing itself on our front porch!!

notice that the needles are still on it?
it's getting big and long enough to cover a double bed.

for now, it's keeping me warm while i knit, 
because the weather has turned chilly once again.

after a few chapters, i've returned edan lepucki's california to the library
i couldn't get past the poorly written melodrama of the main characters' relationship.
although the plot intrigued me (i'm a post apocalypse fan), i kept getting that disappointed feeling as i read...so i stopped

but look what i found on the fast reads shelf... paula hawkins  the girl on the train !!!
i started yesterday and can't put it down
it's a page turner alright, despite the fact that the main characters are an alcoholic, a nymphomaniac and a naive husband thief.
i'll be finished reading it by tonight... 
thank goodness, because i'm woefully behind with my chores (sigh...)
what are you knitting and/or reading?
care to share?



  1. love a good page turner. :) i need another one. :)
    love the blanket.

    1. this is one you'll want to pick up... it is a good one

  2. That book is on my list :) Your blanket is growing, and looks lovely.

    1. it is a super quick read - you are going to love it!!!

  3. I loved that book, it kept me awake at night reading because I just had to know what was happening.
    I wish it was cool enough for blankets here, sigh, it's warm.

    1. Tracey... i seriously couldn't put it down!!! Thanks for the recommending it

  4. My librarian can't stop talking about that book so I'm looking forward to reading it sometime soon. I just finished The Fault in Our Stars which I loved. It's pretty sad (1/2 of the characters are dying of cancer) but the dialogue is wonderful.

  5. A friend of mine reviews mysteries and said this one was amazing. I keep seeing it popping up everywhere. :) I would say it's probably a page turner for me -because- of the characters, no?

  6. So vibrant! It practically jumps off the screen- love it!

  7. It's beautiful and I bet it keeps you toasty!


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!