Sunday, April 5, 2015

easter lilies

                   just a few lilies 
                from me to you....

every easter, 
amidst all the lilies, the eggs, and the hollow chocolate bunnies, i return to contemplating this subtle concept of embracing resurrection, not resuscitation.
the whole idea of not just resuscitating or infusing breath to the old body and life but to actually embrace death of the old, the past in order to let in the new resurrected life.

if you have been following my blog... you already know that i am a lover of old, a thrifter.  i thrive on resuscitating, recycling, reviving discarded and gently used things.  my cupboards, closets, shelves and knitting basket are full and overflowing with my attempts at resuscitation.

and you've probably already figured out that i am also a lover of plants, especially flowers walks always take much longer because i'm always stopping to take a closer look, to inhale the fragrance of the bloom and to take a picture or two to share in blogsphere. my heart always ache more than a just a little when i receive cut bunches- just because their blooms die that much faster in a vase.

however...every year, usually during the easter long garden beckons to be cleaned.  i find my gloves, by garden shears and my rake while ian powers up the lawn mower and his whipper snipper.

it is in the garden that i come to embrace the beauty of death and how it is necessary for new life as my thrifted wheelbarrow fills with the remains of last year in order to make room for all the new and resurrected shoots. 

hoppy easter everyone!!!



  1. Beautiful post Erica! Hope you enjoyed your time in the garden, I was out there today, and it was just wonderful! Happy Easter. xo

  2. happy easter! I love this time of year as the ground awakens and life feels fresh. I enjoyed reading your post today :)


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!