Thursday, April 2, 2015

textured pillows

i've always been gaga over textiles !!
(yes... gaga is actually in the dictionary)
my heart flutters a couple of extra beats over 
any bohemian/ moroccan pillowscapes in living rooms.

but... i've never been to morocco,
and retail prices for these pillows range from exorbitant to astronomical!?!?

solution:  repurpose thrift shop skirts and dresses
cost:  i don't think i've spent more than $5 for a thrifted textured find
i have found so many intricately textured clothing like this glittery skirt in thrift stores.
the selection is best after all the city's cultural performances are finished 
because most of the pieces tend to be costumes for the different ethnic dances.

are you ready for these instructions?
turn skirt inside out and sew the bottom together...

grab that extra pillow...

stuff that pillow into the skirt...

fold and tuck remainder of skirt and handstitch close...

and voila!!!
i've always hand stitched my pillows, 
this way, i can easily undo them 
if i ever have a hankering to wear these skirts!!!


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  1. love the upcycling of the skirt, clever! Have a wonderful weekend Erica!!


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!