Wednesday, November 26, 2014

thrifted threads: lavender

it was the winter we were in arizona... 
checking out the grand canyon,
when i walked into this lavender room, 
in a little pottery shop in sedona
and immediately made up my mind to paint our bedroom the same colour.

it took me ages to find the perfect tint
but once i did... i've never regretted it
the lavender is sooooo warm, cozy and lovely 
to wake up to and go to sleep in.

today, i'm wearing the exact (it's very, very close) same shade of lavender 
welcome to another "what i wore wednesday'

 this thrifted lavender turtleneck 
is a treasure i found a few of years ago
the pashmina was a birthday present from my daughter.

with all the rain that came down in the last couple of days, 
the weather has turned mild again.
 this sweater/shawl combination was all i needed 
to get my running around done.

happy hump day everyone !!!

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  1. lovely lavender outfit and we are getting snow! finally :) Of course I had to drive in it and that was not fun at all. But it's beautiful to look at!


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!