Thursday, November 20, 2014

uvic....just around the corner

we visited the university of victoria the other day.
boy oh boy... it sure has changed since i graduated.
it was always such a beautiful university
but now, with the new library, engineering building, 
and almost finished gymnasium, 
it is such an exciting place to be.

while he still has a couple of years before finishing high school,
my son has already been thinking about universities and life after graduation.

his school has a wonderful planning program for grade eleven students.
so far, he has already researched, written an essay and 
presented on his career paths of interest.
now, he is currently compiling information on programs offered 
at the different universities of interest and looking at 
costs of living and studying if he chose to live in residence or at home.

isn't it wonderful?
thinking back, i don't recall figuring any of this out 
until well into my second year at western.

we had a wonderful time walking around the university grounds 
and exploring some of the buildings.
the recent renovations to the library are beautiful... 
so many cozy corners to sit and study for hours.
the walkabout brought back such good memories for me.

at this point, 
we are not sure if uvic is going to be his 
final choice for post secondary schooling.
his marks are high enough to guarantee him access to many.
but i've got my fingers crossed...



  1. Wow, sounds like a great planning program. Sure wish we had that when I was in high school. I guess those fingers are crossed so he is close to home? Always nice to keep them close :)

    1. it would be so lovely to keep him close to home.... they grow up sooooooo fast !!!!


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!