Saturday, November 8, 2014

leek love

soup is all i dream about these autumn days.
with the long stretches of rain, wind and cloudy weather, 
i've been hugging a mug of something hot and milky during the day
(my favourite lately has been vanilla rooibos)

but by mid afternoon, 
when the time has come to think about dinner
it's usually soup that pops into my head

 i found some gorgeous leeks at the market yesterday.
they were so beautiful that i placed them 
in a vase to enjoy and inspire me.

i gazed at them all day,
while i puttered around the house doing my friday thang.
i love how their long cylinder of leaf sheaths looked among my blues

but they were even more spectacular... all chopped up

in a pot...

 in a bowl...

in my belly.

simple meal, simple pleasures
wishing everyone a wonderful weekend...


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