Tuesday, November 25, 2014

knitting and reading: 11/25/14

a library copy of nom nom paleo 
finally came in for me.

a couple of my friends have turned paleo
and have been posting several delectible delights 
from this cookbook on facebook.

it is a good one,
filled with beautiful pictures and
 a suprisingly large collection of vegetarian dishes.
her coconut pineapple rice is to die for !!!

i might just have to get myself a copy for christmas.

i finished unravelling a this thrifted sweater i found 
and used the yarn to knit another scarf.

the sweater was unwearable 
(at least i couldn't wear it)
and the yarn was too beautiful.
...so the unravelling process was so much fun.

the picture below shows the almost finished product
yup...it's another scarf.
did i mention i was a novice knitter????

however... here's some exciting news.
i just purchased some double pointed needles
and found myself a beginner's sock tutorial...
wish me luck !!!


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  1. Look at you go with those thrifted sweaters. That yarn looks great knit up into a scarf. And hey, everyone needs to start somewhere, right? Happy sock knitting :)

  2. That yarn is gorgeous - love the scarf! Good luck with the sock knitting - you will be addicted!

  3. Fun! I haven't attempted socks yet, I'm a beginner too :)

  4. Socks are not as tough as you might think. I recommend the Fish Lips Kiss Heel found on Ravelry. It is SO much easier than others I have tried. Good luck! :-)

  5. Beautiful! What a great re-use of a gorgeous yarn!

  6. What a great find that sweater was! It's made a great scarf :)

    Good luck with your socks! Careful, I hear it's addictive once you start (says the committed crocheter ;D). Hope you have fun with it.

  7. Good luck with the sock. I have yet to attempt them. Your scarf is very pretty. I like your thrifted yarn.

  8. Very creative taking a thrifted item and turning it into another item! I love the look of the yarn and I think it turned out beautifully as a scarf. I'm at the practise-and-unravel stage myself as a knitter but I'll get there too! You'll manage the sock knitting well, I shall be interested to see how they look finished!


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!