Thursday, November 6, 2014


"i will love you as a drawer loves a secret compartment,
and as a secret compartment loves a secret,
and as a secret loves to make a person gasp,
and as a gasping person loves a glass of brandy to calm their nerves,
and as a glass of brandy loves to shatter on the floor,
and as the noise of glass shattering loves to make everyone else gasp,
and as someone else gasping loves a nearby desk to lean against,
even if leaning against it presses a lever that loves 
to open a drawer and reveal a secret compartment.
I will love you until all such compartments are opened and discovered,
and until all the secrets have gone gasping into the world.
I will love you until all the codes and hearts have been broken 
and until every anagram and egg has been unscrambled."

-lemony snicket

i discovered the last egg of the dozen frozen..
the setting in my refrigerator must have been too high
it was so beautiful in its raw, icy state... 
it didn't feel right to cook it

but hungry was the teenager that morning.


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