Monday, November 24, 2014

come on...fall...already !!!

we could hear the leaf pick up truck from two streets away
oh no... they are here already !!!

we have an english walnut tree in our back yard
that doesn't drop its leaves until a day or two before
 or sometimes the day of the city leaf pick up.

every november, late into the month, it's the same story.
we cross our fingers and hope that 
a strong wind will blow all those danglers down.

this past weekend was beautiful.
we had the perfect mix of sunshine and cool temperature
for working out in the yard

...and that was just what we did
(actually, it was mostly ian...because i was on simmering soup duty)

saturday and sunday afternoons were spent
raking, carrying leaves out to the curb 
and literally urging the remaining leaves to fall.

come on leaves...fall already !!!!!

poor harlow !!!
he had to be super patient for his afternoon walks.

most of the leaves (at least two thirds) made it to the curb...
and no...the leaf truck didn't come down our street,
so we have a few more days (i'm hoping...)

wishing you all a wonderful start to your week.


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  1. I have my fingers crossed that they fall for you :) Looks like it was a lovely weekend in your part of Canada :)

    1. we are getting a lot rain overnight but then the sun comes out during the day.... this week will be a different story.

  2. we have an oak that will not drop it's leaves until the new ones sprout in the spring. But we live in the country and we do not have a leaf truck come, but in other homes we lived in we did have that service. Hope you get your leaves to the curb!!

    1. thanks Karen... it is always such a rush to make the leaf pick up.... but Ian is always up for the challenge !


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!