Wednesday, December 17, 2014

thrifted threads: charcoal and blue

welcome to another
'what i wore wednesday'
today, i'm linking up with lindsey for some fashion inspiration.

it has been a busy couple of days around here.
poor harlow... doesn't know if any of us are coming or going.

because the weather has been so cooperative
i've been popping in and out of shops, meeting up with friends 
and crossing things off on my list with just my woolly sweaters.

this long charcoal sweater is a hand me down from my little sister.
i'm sure she wore it through her first pregnancy, 
so it should be about thirteen years old.

this sweater is wonderful 
not only because it goes down to my knees and keeps me warm
but the wool is thin enough so i can wear it all year round

the charcoal turtle neck is a thrifted treasure.
so soft, comfortable and warm... a mix of cotton and cashmere.

finally, the blue scarf is for extra warmth and a shot of colour.

wishing you all a wonderful wednesday.
ho ho ho !!!



  1. lovely! I like that you are wearing a hand me up! My sister and I used to trade clothes but now not so much our tastes are different. Love your purple accessory!


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!