Thursday, December 11, 2014

advent concert series

it was a lunch hour treat...
we were to bring our own lunches 
while hot tea and coffee was to be served.
one of the neighbourhood churches 
was hosting its annual advent concert series.
all proceeds from the concerts were to be donated to a charity.
yesterday's noon performance was 
by heather derome,
a classical guitarist and composer.
we got there early... to get good seats.
it was a smart move on our part,
because the little chapel filled up quickly.
the chapel was a beautiful and intimate venue...
the acoustics of the room was perfect.

no microphone was needed, 
 even to hear the soft spoken performer introduce each piece.
and then the magic started....

r.ramirez, mi favorita
anon, spanish romance
a. barrios, danza paraguaya
h. derome, homage
four miniatures
three catalan folksongs
sanz, pavana
h. derome, farewell to the forest
fifty minutes later...
it was silent again.

we walked out into the rain,
our hearts filled with beautiful music, 
 and admiring all the purple berries outside of the chapel.



  1. both of my kids were in chorus and band and I do miss the concerts that they participated in. Especially select chorus-usually in an old church-so very beautiful.


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!