Monday, December 15, 2014

birthday hike

we celebrated yet another birthday this past week...
and the birthday boy was aching for a hike.

so up his favourite mountain we went...

mount tolmie is just up the road from us.
ian and harlow will usually jog up to its summit 
to break up a busy working day.

this hike is so familiar to us,
we could manoeuvre around 
its stunted garry oaks and mossy rocks in the dark and rain.
lucky us, the past weekend gifted us 
with gorgeous sunshine and warm weather.

ian and i have been hiking together for over 26 years now.
it has become a tradition on his birthday 
because it is always one of his wishes.

so, on his special day
with this kind and kindred soul,
harlow and i climbed to the summit...
to share his present.


joining  karen


  1. Looks like a beautiful hike. Happy birthday to Ian.

  2. happy birthday !! What a beautiful tradition and a great way to celebrate :) Looks like a lovely place to be.

  3. OH NO!!! We forgot. So Sorry. We want to send the biggest Birthday Wish to Uncle Ian. There is a cake waiting for you when you get to Calgary. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.


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