Tuesday, December 9, 2014

knitting and reading: 12/09/14

 i have another scarf on the go.  
this time i'm using wool 
that i've unravelled from an old sweater of mine.

 i've been busy decluttering for a couple of months now,
going through my closet and donating most 
of what i haven't worn or do not fit into any more.
i found this old sweater of mine,
tired and moth eaten and not donatable...

 so i unravelled it... 
and ended up with two large balls of charcoal coloured wool.
the scarf is for a friend... 
i added blue accents, her favourite colour, for texture and design.

if you are looking for a good fiction to read...
you might want to give ruth ozeki's 
a tale of the time being 
a try.

i started it a week ago and 
i am almost finished because i couldn't put it down.
the story weaves through difficult topics such as 
bullying, buddhist monkhood, prostitution, and suicide.
ozeki has such a great writing style that although the content is dark, 
the reading is light and humorous at times.

if you read it... you'll have to tell me what you think?



  1. You are at it again, I love the scarf, just beautiful!

    1. thanks Kim...i'm finding that the unravelling is just as much fun as the knitting !!!

  2. a great way to repurpose wool and I love the spots of color!

  3. Just stumbled on your blog and "pajamacasual" is my new favorite word!
    I love the idea of rescuing wool, but haven't tried it for myself.
    I've heard mixed things about A Tale for the Time Being, but you make it sound pretty interesting.

    1. glad you stopped by...let me know what you think of the book if you pick it up.

  4. Unravelling your jumper and knitting it into a scarf is a great idea. Pesky moths!!


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!