Monday, December 8, 2014

hello monday: 12/08/14

we had a busy weekend of jingle mingling...
there is nothing better than getting together with friends
and sharing yummy food to kick off this christmas season.

the weather stayed balmy all weekend long...
perfect for long walks to the village to tackle more of 
gift buying, package mailing, dog walking.

but now, i want to say....
hello monday !!!

i'm playing along with lisa
where i greet the brand new weekand all the gifts it brings.

hello  eating healthy... with the all the butter, cream and sugar lying around the house (in various guises of cookie forms)  i am forever emptying the crisper to make healthy meals for this family of mine.

hello gift wrapping... must add more tape on my shopping list for today so i can do more wrapping while i have the house to myself.

hello christmas movies... i'm picking up our favourite holiday movies from the library this week (a christmas carol, elf, and miracle on 34th)... then i must remember to pick up more popcorn.

it is going to be a busy and wonderful week... 
full of little surprises and christmas cheer.
i've been very fortunate,
because everyone i run into
 seem to be in the spirit of the holidays.

wishing you all a great start to your week.



  1. Isn't it lovely when the people around you are full of Christmas spirit too, makes the season even more joyous. Enjoy your week Erica. xo

  2. I had plans for some healthy meals but my husband is bringing some left over pizza tomorrow will be my start! I'll make a salad to go with the slices :) Lovely holiday decorations and glitz!

    1. Thanks Karen...we had pizza on the weekend... the kids love it when their dad brings it home !!! the decorations were from a shop next door to our favourite coffee place....i am in love with owls.


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!