Tuesday, December 2, 2014

knitting and reading: 12/02/14

i am so in love with my purple production
that i started another scarf
with the same pattern in fushia.

the yarn, (or should i say yarns) i used...
are a mix of leftovers and thrifted balls that i've found.
i have been having so much fun combining yarn because 
it allows me to infuse texture wherever i like.

however, now that i'm almost done
i'm not too sure about the brown accent !?!?
together with the fushia,
the garishness factor seems to be too high.

while i decide whether or not to unravel, 
i have my books 
(and all my neglected chores...of course)

i picked up a copy of thoreau
from the church book/cd sale on sunday.

i am tickled pink to finally have my very own copy of walden...
in my quest of decluttering,
i've come across so much of thoreau
in films, magazine articles, and blogs.
for me, his life and his writing is beyond inspirational.

so much to knit... 
so much to read...
this life is so delicious !!!!



  1. Nice find on the book :) Happy reading.

  2. I just love finding old books - that is a treasure! I am de-cluttering at the moment and my main problem is books. I love them all though! How can I get rid of any?
    I think that fuschia yarn is just screaming to be garish - the louder, the better. I like it as is. Depends on who it is for though and what their taste is.

    1. jayne... did you read my post on little free libraries? it is a great way of getting rid of books... i'm sure there are some in your neighbourhood already.


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!