Monday, December 1, 2014

hello monday: 12/01/14

hello monday !!!

i'm playing along with lisa
where i greet the brand new week
and all the gifts it brings.

hello december...
and thank you for bringing some fluffy white snow for us to play in

hello 50 bag challenge...
canadian diabetes is coming to pick up a few bags this wednesday,
i've filled 28 bags in total for this decluttering challenge... only 22 to go.

hello christmas tree and ornaments...
they are going to go up this week,
 and i can't wait for all the twinkling lights that accompanies it.

hello christmas baking...
and all that butter and sugar and cream.
i'm getting all my ingredients this morning 
and hope to be knuckle deep in batter by this afternoon.

hello sacred arias...
lately, i can't get enough of andrea bocelli,  
his arias filled our home and hearts all weekend 
and will continue all this week.

hello everyone....
happy first of december
wishing you all a great start to this week !!!



  1. Love your dog!! Looks he/she enjoys the snow as much as our dog :) Our home is aglow with Christmas lights and it feels so cozy. Enjoy!

  2. What a happy week ahead of you! Might need to play along with the clutter challenge! Happy Monday!

  3. our snow is rapidly melting away but I'll just enjoy yours instead! There is nothing like christmas music in the air!


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!