Thursday, December 18, 2014

red balls dangling

a few days ago, 
my friend and i decided to treat ourselves to some 
really yummy food and delicious coffee 
at our our favourite deli/coffee house...
olive olio's in cadboro bay.

it was funny
because on the way there, we were both complaining
of how it was hard to get that feeling of christmas in victoria...
with so many (at least every second neighbour) still mowing their lawns.

 it is so green and lush in our city... 
and everyone is out and about on their bikes and their jogging shoes.
i have a feeling that many of us are craving for some fluffy white 
to fall and slow everyone and everything down so we could all nestle and cocoon .

we were both going on and on...
keeping each other entertained with each other's stories of christmas past
while we waited in line to place our orders and
then finally settling into our favourite seats.

we sat and looked around and they took our breath away...
red christmas balls dangling on every window

they are such simple christmas ornaments
and they carried just the perfect magic for both of us.
(nat king cole singing in the background helped a little too)

quickly... the conversation turned to how wonderful life is NOW !!!

after lunch,
both filled with christmas cheer...
we strolled down to the beach
to give harlow his daily dose of the west coast.


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  1. It all looks so lovely. It is amazing how something so simple can say so much, and bring that magic into the season. Sounds like it was a lovely afternoon.


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!