Thursday, September 24, 2015

personal space

please kindly
go away,
               - beth l. buelow
with all the excitement of a brand new school year starting and
new projects at work and at home...
we (even the most extroverted of the four of us) are introverting just a little bit.
after school, a quick snack and hello then straight to their bedrooms they go (doors closing ever so firmly)

being one of six siblings, i didn't have a bedroom of my own until i spent my teenage years carving out personal space by claiming the dining room table as my own work space as soon as everyone was done eating.

today, although our home is small (a 888 square feet at the most) i'm so grateful for the rooms in it that allow us to recharge our batteries, the walls that provide each of us a chance to be quiet and reflective, and the doors that say "i just like to be alone".

by supper time...
everyone (even harlow) is clamoring to share the highlights of their day.



  1. Oh I hear you on this one. We all crave our alone time here too, and it isn't easy in a one room schoolhouse :) Lucky for us we have the cottage in the backyard, and lots of forest across the road.

  2. Oh I love that quote. I'm like that whenever I get overwhelmed and yes, lovely to have space to spread out and recharge!!


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!