Tuesday, September 29, 2015

fun stuff: backyard knits

the fall has brought us some wonderful sunshine and warmish weather
so i took my blankets out to the backyard 
for a couple of rows and a photo shoot...
yup...the grass needs mowing again?!?!
i finished matthew thomas' we are not ourselves...i couldn't put it down.
the story is long but the author takes the reader deep into the lives of the characters.
i have to admit that the reason i couldn't put it down was because it was exactly the type of life i don't want or would ever dream of having.  
throughout the whole book, i found myself reaffirming the choices in the type of lifestyle i've picked for myself and my family.
i also just finished reading muriel spark's the prime of miss jean brodie
after all the feminist literature i read for university...
i was surprised to have missed this classic.

it is a great read, especially for mothers of young girls.
and if you haven't watched it, 
the little mini-tv-series starring geraldine mcewan is fantastic !!!
i've yet to watch the movie version starring maggie smith.
finally, for bookclub... we are reading station eleven.
i just started but i already know i am not going to get much done this week... i can't put it down, it is really, really good so far.

what are you knitting? reading?
care to share?



  1. Wow, those blankets are growing, and looking great!

  2. Oh the Maggie Smith Miss Jean Brodie is awesome - so beautifully told and she does get some lovely costumes!

  3. I loved Station Eleven beyond words! And I'd love to re-read Ms. Jean Brodie. I used to adore it.

  4. The blankets are coming along nicely, we'll see them finished before we know it.

  5. love your blankets!! I loved that book and yes! It's the life I did not want. I was fascinated by the husband's decline and how each of his family members reacted and felt.

    1. The husband's early and slow decline was tragic...it was a very painful lesson for a wife whose whole life was focused on status and material pursuit. Gripping tragedy full of first world pain!!!

  6. Your blankets look wonderful. It's like they are on their journey to winter!

  7. Gorgy blankets Erica- you have patients that's for sure- I bet they will be well loved :)

  8. Love the blankets and their photo shoot Erica!
    My son Alex read Station Eleven and loved it,
    he keeps telling me to read it so I need to get to it :)

  9. Your blankets are growing so much - bravo!! I LOVED Station 11 - I know how you feel, I just could not put it down. Enjoy!!


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!