Tuesday, September 8, 2015

fun stuff: blankets on porch

my scrap blankets...on the front porch
the front of our house faces north.
i brought my blankets out because the light on the porch 
was perfect for a photo shoot for this post.

a couple of my neighbours stopped by to see what i was up to
so once again, blogger me was forced to come out of the closet.
a few hours later, i found a couple of balls of scrap yarn in my mail box
(didn't i tell you i live on the best block in the hood?)
i'm still reading and getting very inspired by cecile andrew's circle of simplicity.  
it is a great book especially for all you fans of henry david thoreau out there.

i've also started lori lansens' the mountain story.  
her previous novels (the girls, rush home road) are some of my favourites 
so i was excited when i spotted this new title.  
i'll tell you more when i get further into the book.

what are you knitting?  reading?
care to share?



  1. Your scrap blankets are awesome!!

  2. So pretty. I love both the colour combos.

  3. Oh how sweet of them! I've downloaded the sample of circle of simplicity but I'm still waiting for the chance to read it - I'm intrigued though and I'll let you know when I get to it :)

  4. What a great neighbours! The blankets looks great. Adding some of your book titles to my list :)

  5. Yes, it sounds like you have some wonderful neighbors. I love that you had to 'come out of the blogging closet', this made me laugh.
    And your blankets? Gorgeous!

  6. I think I love your neighbors! we live in a wooded area and I rarely see my neighbors unless I'm walking and they drive by. Lovely blankets - growing every time you showcase them :)

  7. Your scrap blankets are amazing. Your coming out of your blogging closet is funny. I'm guessing it's pretty common to blog and all the while the people we rub shoulders with haven't a clue about it - it's kind of a vulnerable thing to share with folks we have to look in the eye. lol I find it easier, somehow, to tell people I blog when it's forced upon me.

  8. Your blankets are gorgeous and how generous of your neighbour.


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!