Thursday, September 3, 2015

between the rains

soooo much rain came down in the last four days
i would estimate- at least a hundred millilitres,
and more is coming during the rest of the week

it was intermittent...
the sky would darken and a very heavy gloom 
would set in within the walls of our dry, cozy, little home
and the torrents of rain would pour down for about an hour or so.

then, in its full late summer strength and force, 
the sun would come out,
for just enough time 
to give us a chance to walk and explore

we grab our just-in-case umbrellas
and head always towards the ocean
always aching for that deep joy of being awed by its vastness and beauty

never do we return home disappointed



  1. Wow what a contrast! We have rainy days like that where you feel you're hunkered down against the world but for us we don't get the sunshine afterwards!!

  2. We went through a rainy period a few weeks ago. I love reading by a window when it rains like that.
    Gorgeous photos!

  3. I have had rain every day for weeks, oh, not all day, just huge thunderstorms that come noisily in, drop a lot of rain, then leave behind hot and sticky weather. Come on winter!
    Happy weekend dear Erica.


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!