Sunday, July 5, 2015


during the first sunday of each month
paris opens all of its museums and galleries 
containing permanent collections
to the public
for FREE...

our first thought was 'oh is going to be a gong show 
and that the line ups are going to be miles long'.
maybe we were here for the right sunday on the right month
because it turned out to be the most lovely day of art.

for our free sunday, we took in the picasso exhibit
and the moderns and contemporaries at the centre pompidou (WOW!!)
after 5 days of training, we have finally found our walking legs 
and are averaging 20 thousand steps or more a day.
our days usually start around 10 am and we are back in our apartment, 
exhausted and laden with groceries, by 5 pm.
once we sit down or put our feet up, it is very unlikely that anyone is going to be able to get up again (you would feel sorry for the last person standing who takes on the position of caterer for invalids!!)
due to the time change, my two teenagers are asleep by 8 pm (haha...that hasn't happened in years) so ian and i enjoy very quiet evenings of reading, knitting, wine and cheesing.
and then we do the same the following day...


joining karen


  1. Oh how lovely - we saw the Picasso museum years ago before it was closed and his work is quite extraordinary, even if not all entirely to my taste!!

  2. Paris! Such a grand trip and I love that you and your family are there enjoying it all. Teenagers asleep by 8? Wow, they must be tired.
    Not only are you seeing some grand sights you are really getting your steps in, you rock!

  3. FREE??? I did not know that, too bad Sunday can't be seven days in a row :) I cannot get over the amount you are walking a day, you are going to be a skinny mini when it's all over :)

  4. It sounds like an amazing trip. I haven't visited an art museum I didn't love, and you can't beat Picasso!

  5. Wow, that is amazing! I am so glad you are having a great time.


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!