Thursday, July 2, 2015

keeping our cool...

we've been planning this trip for months 
(ian must have read all the library books on paris...and renewed them at least twice over)
the only thing we didn't plan for was a heat wave....
yesterday, the temperature soared to 38 degrees celsius,
today, we are to reach the low of 36.!!!
our little rented apartment didn't come with an air conditioner...
but our landlord, pierre, greeted us with two brand new oscillating fans !!! will we keep cool during this heat wave 
that is suppose to last well into next week?
here are some ideas we came up with:
watermelon slices (erica)
put ice cubes in your undies (ian)
walk down the shady side of the street (libby)
go to a museum (ian)
ride air conditioned bus 69 (cole)
strappy tank tops and dresses like all the parisienne women are wearing!! (libby)
frequent cold showers (no need to wash hair every time) (libby)
big tall drinks with extra ice cubes (erica)
no (that's a capital NO) blankets while sleeping (cole)
if you have any other ideas,
we would love to hear it...
because it seems that we can't make ice cubes fast enough!!!



  1. Something I find really helpful if I have to be out in a heatwave is to fill plastic water bottles two thirds full of water and then freeze them. You can carry one round with you all the next day, they stay cool for ages and you can drink the cold water when it melts! Have fun in the sunshine!

  2. Wow, that is hot! Hope you find a way to stay cool.


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!