Thursday, July 9, 2015

closet tour

we rented the cutest (translate tiny and affordable) apartment 
for our first two weeks in paris.
come for a tour...
four flights of winding staircase...who needs a stairmaster???right???

couch and second bedroom

turnstile kitchen (fully equipped with an espresso machine!!)

one shop filled refrigerator

a/c unit...we survived the heat wave thanks to this piece of technology

dish washing unit and one fry pan

the smallest (even smaller than ours) bathroom in the world 
came with fantastic water pressure !!

the view out of the living room window

 and the best part... the bakery with all its wonderful, fresh baguettes, croissants and pain de chocolats that is situated right below our apartment for emergencies!!!



  1. Definitely small but perfectly formed!! And the boulangerie looks amazing!

  2. Emergency boulangerie - what more could anyone need?!!

  3. Looks like a pretty perfect spot, especially since you are in Paris :) Hope you guys are having the best time. xo

  4. what a cute place, I prefer apartments over hotels for extended stays, there is something about more than one room that makes it homey.


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!