Friday, January 8, 2016

must learn to play the guitar

                           i have known despair
                           i value hope

                           i have tasted frustration
                           i value fulfillment

                           i have been lonely
                           i value love

                                   - leonard nimoy
where did this week go?
it has been a really tough one for me and for many of those close to me, 
so a part of me is glad it is almost over.

when things are'll find me cycling hard at the gym and picking up 
words of wisdom from my fellow cyclists, filling my grocery cart with fruit, veggies and chocolate, walking the dog, reading philosophy, (not) cleaning the house,
and listening to lennon and maisy.

aren't these girls super talented?
really wish i could play the guitar !!!! 
(i'm still working on my new years resolution list.)

wishing y'all a good day.



  1. That quote speaks to me so much Erica, thank you for sharing it. So sorry it has been a tough week, I hope some light shines on you and your family this weekend. xo

  2. I am sorry to hear you have had a tough week. I hope you have time to make peace with it and that you weekend was a little easier.

    1. thank you so much...and yes, we had a lovely weekend despite the stress.

  3. I hope everything is okay. I'll be sending you some positive thoughts and a prayer. I usually break down into anxiety when I'm stressed then slowly crawl back up and out of the hole I fall in. I know me and I know all passes. Wish you the same.

    1. thanks Karen...we are still in the midst of it all, but I have lots of hope in me. Thanks you for your thoughts and prayer!!


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!