Tuesday, January 5, 2016

fun stuff: khaki and more brene

here is my khaki scrap blanket...with hints (leftovers) of blues, pinks and purples.
i have three blankets on the go at the moment, mostly because i get so excited about
 new colour combinations and can't wait to see them on the needles.
here is my brene brown collection.
daring greatly... i got for christmas after talking about it to my family so much 
that they thought i deserved my own copy.
the gifts of imperfection...i found in a thrift shop, in perfect condition, in the 
hard covers for a dollar and  softcovers for fifty cents shelf...SCORE !!
if you haven't watched this movie documentary... you must, you must...
especially if you love history, especially if you care about education, and even more so if you are interested in understanding how the forces in society affect our thinking, our choices, our lives.
howard zinn, michael albert, and vandana shiva are my new heros!!!
what are you knitting, reading, watching?
care to share?



  1. Love the colour combination of the blanket. I have a gift certificate for Chapters and Daring Greatly is going to be my purchase. I love Brene Brown. Thanks for mentioning the documentary, I will see if I can find it. I am reading An Altar in the World, knitting fingerless mitts, and watching, not much, although I did watch a good documentary over the holidays called I AM. Have a great day Erica.

  2. Definite score on the book front, especially the second hand one, what a find! And I love the blanket, such pretty colours and the perfect compliment to the other two :)

  3. I smile just reading the excitement in your words about your blankets, the one in the photo is really pretty.
    I am now working on a wee blanket for a sweet little one, gosh the rows are long! :)
    I am getting ready to start reading A Walk In the Woods, my son loves it and I want to read it before I see the movie.

  4. Great colour combinations on the blanket. Oh I love Vandana Shiva dearly. I'm checking this doco on youtube now.

  5. I love bargains like that! I will have to check out that documentary. It sounds quite interesting.

  6. I loved The Gifts of Imperfection - I don't remember the last time I underlined so much in a book!!!

  7. I cannot imagine having that many blankets on the needles at once! good for you


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!