Tuesday, January 12, 2016

fun stuff: khaki and capital

somewhere ... they say,  'life only gives you as much as you can handle."
well, despite everything that is causing a lot of stress in this little head of mine, 
i caught the nastiest of colds over the weekend (not fun at all...i tell ya !).

on a positive note, i got a lot of rows done on my khaki blanket,
 in between sneezes and coughs and trips to the kettle for more lemon tea.
 i was too dozy to read but i did start a new fiction before my sinuses broke loose.
a good friend of mine, a very successful real estate agent, gave me her copy
 of john lanchester's capital.
it wasn't a title i would have picked up on my own, 
(me - the anti-capitalist, the wannabe non-consumerist, and aspiring minimalist) 
but, to my surprise, it is proving to be a really good read.

there are plenty of characters to get to know 
and although i'm only a few chapters in,
 the author has presented a good grasp 
on the idea of finding true abundance in such 
a money driven-flip-your-real-estate
and move-on-to-something-bigger-and-better culture.
what are you knitting? reading? 
care to share?


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  1. I do hope you feel better soon. That book sounds intriguing, wouldn't be my choice of reading either but sometimes it's good to push ourselves out of our comfort zones isn't it.

  2. Well at least you have the perfect medicine for your recovery; good knitting and a great story! I hope you feel better soon 😀

  3. Hope you feel better soon my friend. You have no idea how many times that quote has been whispered by me over the last few months :)

  4. Oh my dear I am sorry to hear you aren't feeling well, colds are the worse.
    It looks like you and I aspire toward the same goals :)

  5. I hope you feel better soon! Your knitting looks very snuggly.

  6. Better soon!

    The BBC have just shown a 3 part series based on the book, it was on here before Christmas. It was very good.

    For me the joy of reading is reading about times past, imaginings of the future and people I am never likely to meet or would not want to meet, I don't think we have to agree with characters' philosophies or lifestyles. It's pure escapism.

  7. Aw feel better soon :( Your blanket is looking fab, great colours

  8. The khaki blanket is coming along nicely, what beautiful yarn.

  9. I was also battling a terrible cold this weekend! I finally feel better today and was able to go to work; I hope you're feeling better too. I went the opposite direction -- I felt too crappy to knit, so I got some reading done. Love your colorful blanket!

  10. That blanket looks great and I love the as your knitting angle to the shot! Hope you feel better soon!

  11. That looks lovely, so many fun colours! It's rotten being ill though, hope you feel better soon :)


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!