Tuesday, January 19, 2016

fun stuff: more khaki

my khaki scrap blanket is growing.
i pick it up and work the needles many times during my day.
here it is photographed with the vessel that inspired it.

khaki and blue - who knew?
yes...i'm really enjoying john lanchester's capital.
the little room of rachell left a comment last week about how 
the BBC has produced a three part series based on this book.

toby jones (my favourite truman capote) plays the banker
...so i'm sure it will be worth watching.
also, i found a used, clean copy of cheryl richardson's the art of extreme self-care 
in one of the little free libraries during my walk around the hood yesterday.

i have a feeling that the universe is trying to tell me something !!!
what are you knitting? reading?
care to share?

p.s.  thank you so much to all who sent healing energy to help me 
get rid of that nasty nasty cold...it worked!!!

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  1. Your blanket looks lovely, the lighter stripes really bring out the other colours. Self care is important but what is extreme self care I wonder? I have nearly finished my cardigan last few stitches to make. I finished reading a book last night that I have loved, I have a few lined up to read next!

  2. Your blanket really does look inspired by that mug, great colour combinations. If you'd said khaki blanket to me I'd have thought it would be dull and muddy looking but it's not at all. The darker colours contrast so beautifully with the brighter pinks and blues and purples. It's lovely

  3. Gosh that blanket is coming along nicely. Interested to hear about the self care book when you are finished it. On my needles are a pair of fingerless mitts, and I am reading Daring Greatly by Brene Brown :)

  4. It's a gorgeous colour combination, all the better for being unusual, and wow you're having some good luck with the books of late! I've pre ordered Daring Greatly for Audible and I'm looking forward to its release!

  5. glad you are feeling much better and what a find with that book!!

  6. Very glad you are feeling better - and yes - self care is so very important. You have some lovely things to help you on your road to recovery :-)


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!