Monday, January 18, 2016

happy on purpose

if you want to be happy
you have to be happy on purpose.

when you wake up,
you can't just wait to see 
what kind of day you'll have.

you have to decide what kind of
day you'll have.
                                      - joel osteen
today i am going to do happy things...
i am going to make and enjoy creamy, steamy, dark, happy coffee (at least twice today).
i am going to walk my happy, waggly-tail dog.
i am going to fill my cart with beautiful, healthy, delicious (expensive- yikes!!) fruit and veggies and maybe some chocolates (why not - right?).
i am visiting the library to pick up my holds and see what other inspiring reading i can find.
i am viewing several assisted living accommodations for my mom-in-love.
i am going to dance my worries away (advance step is on this afternoon --- hip hip hooray!!)
i am going to make a big, fat, healthy, happy salad for dinner.
i am going to knit while listening to a mindful meditation audio recording.
i am going to paint my toes happy, baby blue.'s going to happen !!!

wishing you all a happy monday folks



  1. love your quote. I hope you find the perfect place for your mother in love, she is so very lucky to have you in her life. May you have a wonderful week - what books are you holding and picking up???

  2. I hope you had a busy and fruitful day, with lots of happiness.

  3. I LOVE that quote Erica, love it! Thank you for sharing it. Hope you enjoyed your day, and all the happiness it brought.


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!