Monday, January 25, 2016

dangling purple

hello monday !!!

hello friends...
i hope you had a restful, peaceful, restorative weekend.
we had two beautiful sun filled days which we spent:
getting plenty of exercise (there was not one but two advance step class offered and i couldn't resist- now my legs are practically jello from exhaustion), 
playing soccer, 
brunching, and checking out a new vietnamese pho place,
reading (my library copy of andre alexis' fifteen dogs came in), 
and walking the neighbourhood and taking in all the lingering christmas ornaments (soooooon to be replaced by cherry blossoms).

check out the purple danglers !!!
i am up early (almost done my mug of coffee)...and i am excited for the day.
it is going to be a busy and challenging week 
(with a dratted root canal right in the middle of it.. UGH !!!)

but i'm in a good head/heart space and think i'm ready for it -

wishing you all a wonderful start to your week !


  1. Oh no, good luck with the root canal.

  2. praying for you your tooth your root canal and the dentist. I hope it goes smoothly!!! love the decorations in the tree :)

  3. Hope all goes with the root canal work, sounds painful. Love that tree ;)


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!