Wednesday, October 7, 2015

thrifted threads: brown cowl

another wednesday,
another 'what i wore' post.
i'm linking up with lindsey for some fashion fun.
i'm pacing myself this week
ian's work has taken him away for most of it... 
so i'm flying solo with the kiddies, the house and my furry friend.
somehow...i manage to keep my routines 
(i know this is how i stay in the sane side of life).

i'm a morning person and ian is the night owl most of the challenges come in the evenings.
it is only day three and i still have two more to go.
the rain has started,
we are expecting a good drenching in the next few days.
a chill has creeped into the house...but i'm still holding strong and haven't turned up the thermostat.
i've got tons of warm sweaters !!!
this brown cowl pullover is one of my thrifted favourites for this time of year.
these times when i fly solo are both challenging and rewarding.
his work has always taken him away (sometimes for as long as two weeks).
i've learned to appreciate the feelings of self sufficiency that i get when i get things done that needs to get done (like unclogging the sink and the vacuum cleaner- ugh!!)
 only two more days...



  1. Good Morning beautiful- lovely fashion find- looks so cozy and warm for fall.

  2. I love that sweater!!! Enjoy the rest of your week, and make sure you get a little me time on the weekend after your solo week :)


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!