Sunday, October 4, 2015

out back

everyone ( least everyone in our block) was out in their gardens yesterday.
the pruners were pruning,
the mowers were mowing,
and the leaf blowers were blowing (ugh!!).

we spent all day outside (even the chess board made it to the back deck)
soaking up the autumn sunshine.
the temperature is perfect this time of the year...
even though it takes at least two days now 
to dry the clothes hanging on the line.
this is harlow's favourite spot to sit and watch all the excitement that happens out back..
he is perched high enough to view the squirrel activities in our walnut tree,
and the on going renovations on the old farm house behind us,
and it is his safe zone once the lawn mower starts.
if we are lucky,
most of today...will be a planned repeat of yesterday.

my friends, i hope you are all having a nice weekend.


  1. Sounds just lovely. We had a chilly weekend, but still managed lots of time outside, just with hats and scarves :)

  2. Frodo sits on the top step but his front legs rest on the next step, it's quite funny and adorable. He can survey his lands and keep an eye on everything :) Looks like a fun weekend!! Come prune my stuff....

  3. That seems to be a perfect spot for Harlow watching everyone buzz around :)

  4. I love your weekend Erica, spending a whole autumn day outside sounds perfect!


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!