Friday, October 23, 2015


the weather has turned beautiful again (actually, we haven't had much rain yet)
and i am having trouble staying indoors and keeping still.

the daybed on the back deck was a favourite spot this past week,
especially for watching the barbecuer barbecuing the barbies.
today is another pro-d (professional development) day for my children
and we are starting our long weekend helping their grandma 
settle into her new, subletted (only for the winter) apartment.
everything in her place is modern, marbled and minimalized 
(a complete opposite to the rustic shabbiness of our home)

i can already hear it (the conversation on the car ride home)
"why don't we have heated bathroom floors?"
"why don't we have a dishwasher?"
"why, why, why, why, why????"

we've had these discussions umpteen times before.
i believe it's educational and important to 
expose our children to different lifestyle choices,
and the physical, relational, emotional, environmental, 
(um...did i forget anything, oh yah...)
blood-sweat-and-tears costs behind them.

then, it's great to come home to that 
daybed on the back deck !!!



  1. Haha, I can imagine those same questions will plagued me when my little man gets older. Have a great day, and a wonderful weekend.

    1. Yes... as adults we get to make choices of the lifestyle we want to live, but boy oh boy...our children (especially when they are teens) are going to question every single one of them if they are even just outside of mainstream!!!

  2. Lots of questions to answer but I am sue all will be settle again when they get back to that deck, lovely daybed!

    1. thanks Linda... the questioning is good for everyone (parents and children) I think...but we (adults) sure have to to know our reasons for the values we live by because ;teens are relentless with their why(s)....

  3. young adults question as well and sometimes they question my sanity (ha ha ha) I love that you are opening your home and heart to family and your children will learn LOTS from that!!


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!