Tuesday, October 6, 2015

fun stuff: backyarnians

these blankets have been seeing a lot of our back yard lately.
here they are basking in the autumn sun.
i say they are half-way finished
but with both...i still have a whole blanket to go.
 i'm almost finished reading emily st. john mandel's station eleven.
if you like post-apocalyptic tales and if you enjoy a good mystery, 
i would highly recommend this one.
the reading is light and easy but the insights are deep and profound.

also...although i've been on a news fast for as long as i remember now,
i am going through (and quite enjoying) my neighbour's recycled papers
while my son collects clippings for a school law project.

like always, despite the sensationalist journalism of the first page,
i turn straight into the life section...
then to the obits.
 what are you knitting? reading?
care to share?



  1. You're making such amazing progress on the blankets. Great job! They look fantastic with all that texture.

  2. Look at those blankets, coming along so nicely :) Knitting fingerless mitts for a Christmas present right now, and just finished a book last night, heading to the library tomorrow for new books :)

  3. Your blankets are growing like crazy!!! Looking fabulous.

  4. You're getting those blankets done so fast, they look brilliant


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!