Wednesday, August 12, 2015

thrifted threads: back to stripes

welcome to 'what i wore wednesday'
i'm linking up with lindsey and the ladies for some fashion fun.
for fun (and because i want to do something with all these photos i've taken)
i'm interspersing the thrifted thread shots with photos of some beautiful tiles 
that i took at the louvre's north african exhibit.
you've seen this thrifted dress before
(and most likely you will be seeing it again)
all it needed was some minor alterations in length...
and it has become a favourite because it is so easy to wear.'s good to be home
and wearing comfortable favourites that i didn't bring with me on our trip.
victoria is currently in a stretch of beautiful weather 
(ranging between 20-25 degrees celsius)
although we are all praying for more rain, 
the temperature is perfect for simple dresses and pony tails !!!
wishing you all a happy hump day...



  1. Love the dress, and your necklace :) We are enjoying the same weather here, although we did have some rain earlier this week. We are definitely enjoying these temperatures and a break from the humidity.

    Have a wonderful day Erica!

  2. You wear the cuties clothes Erica and I adore your necklace. Simple dresses and pony tails are my every day attire :)

  3. I like the hair up. You look younger.


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!