Tuesday, August 11, 2015

fun stuff: purple fun

i'm working on my purple scrap blanket
i know i'm in my favourite section of the colour spectrum 
because this blanket is growing quickly.

what is it about purple that people love so much?
i, myself, have been in love with purple since i was a child.
i'm almost finished reading  christina baker kline's orphan train.
i love this book... the vividness of the history, its back and forth story, 
and most of all, the friendship between vivian and molly.
if you haven't read it...you must add it to your list!!!



  1. I have always loved purple too, even when Donny Osmond declared it was his favorite color too. :)
    You inspire me to want to knit on my blanket, but it's still a little too warm. Your blanket is looking
    great. Happy Tuesday.

  2. I love purple too, I think it has something for everyone! Love the blanket.

  3. Purple is a happy colour to me :) The blanket is coming along.

  4. I recently finished Orphan Train. I honestly wasn't real crazy about Molly, but it made an interesting parallel story to Vivian's. I did like the book, very much!

    I love purple, too. I suspect it looks good on many skin combinations. That's my attempt at an answer, anyway. ;^)


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!