Sunday, August 23, 2015

savouring the coast

we were blessed with another beautiful weekend.
lots of exercise, yummy food, great chats with friends and neighbours, 
and long, slow walks by the ocean.
although we have much need of some rain,
you can tell by the energy and smiley faces of everyone on the beach
that we all feel blessed by this long string of beautiful, sunny days.
with school starting in a couple of weeks and all the business of settling back to reality,
my to do list seems to get longer every time i strike a line off of one item.
(surprise, surprise...we are in need of a new water heater!!!)

all i can say is,
thank goodness...'walk the dog
is always on the top ten of my priorities.
our new water heater gets delivered and installed tomorrow...yay !!
then we are off for a couple of days to explore the mid-eastern part of this island.



  1. Why is it we either have too much rain or not enough? We have had storms every day for weeks and there are more predicted next week, add to that the tropics are now heating up, we don't need any more rain!. Blah.
    I have been missing the shore so it is wonderful to see your photos.
    Hooray for hot water!
    Have a most beautiful week.

  2. Looks like a glorious weekend. Wishing you a lovely week ahead Erica. xo

  3. we had to get a new water heater about two or three years ago. Then the water pump went the next never ends sometimes. But now I know they are all newish!! Lovely coastal views, you lucky lucky girl!


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!